News » San Isidro de los destiladeros

The ancient family place, San Isidro and its property, belongs to one of the wealthiest family from Trinidad.

The main activity at the place was the distillation of the alcohol obtained from the sugar fermentation to produce a tasty Cuban Rum.

After a long rescue process of conservation, the place today it's CHARMING. If you are the kind of tourist that enjoy a delightful journey, to make worth your trip to this city, then, San Isidro is indeed the place you can't miss to visit.

Locals drivers and Travel Agencies offer the excursion for different prices.

You can always bargain what you want.

Our recommendation is:

Get a price where you include this place in the whole tour to the Valley.

Do the visit in the morning. Afternoons are really hot.

A conservative price of $40 per person, for the tour, will be something to go for.

Enjoy Trinidad.

Posted on: Apr 11, 2018 14:58